21 June 2021


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4 Massage Types and Their Benefits

4 Massage Types and Their Benefits

At Angel’s Hands Massage, we specialize in therapeutic techniques and services that offer up everything from exquisite relaxation to well-deserved pain relief for the clients we serve. Amongst our many offerings, the massage is a consistently popular choice with good reason.

It’s easy to assume the massage is a single service. In reality, there are many different types of massage to choose from and each come with their own list of benefits to consider. If you understand how variations in massage techniques work, it can make a big difference in achieving your desired results. 


Deep Tissue Massage


Clients who come to us with severe muscular tension will often find a deep tissue massage to be an effective solution. For this type of massage, the massage therapist will apply enough pressure to the targeted areas of the body to reach through several layers of muscle, tissues, and tendons.

The goal of a deep tissue massage is to target areas below the surface of the skin. A deep tissue massage can be used to target areas of chronic pain and is frequently used on the neck or back.


Those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome may find a deep tissue massage to provide them intense relief. It’s also a viable and recommended option for athletes and those who spend a significant amount of time focused on physical activity throughout the day.


Stretch Massage


A sedentary lifestyle can lead to muscle tension and overall discomfort in the body. While a traditional massage can loosen up surface-level muscles, a stretch massage takes things to the next restorative level.

A stretch massage is designed to relieve stress at the joints of the body by pairing traditional massage techniques with stretching. Receivers of this massage not only become more flexible, but the massage also increases their range of motion, which can make the workday and other daily tasks more doable.

Many people find that regular stretch massages can actually help improve their overall posture. In the long run, improved posture can eliminate stress headaches and offer relief from back and spine pain.


Four-Hands Massage


For those looking to duplicate the benefits of a traditional massage in the same amount of time, a four-hand massage is often the go-to choice. This type of massage requires two massage therapists to work on targeted muscles in tandem and employing a series of synchronized massage techniques.

A four-hands massage can improve blood circulation, boost immune system response, stimulate the body’s nerves, and offer up an abundance of relaxation in a short amount of time. Some clients choose a four-hands massage to reduce the effects of anxiety and to loosen muscles in a way that enhances their range of motion and flexibility.


Aromatherapy Massage


If your massage therapy goal is to balance the body and the mind, an aromatherapy massage is a good choice. In this kind of massage, the massage therapist will combine traditional relaxation techniques with the use of essential oils.

Every type of essential oil produces varying effects on the body, mind, and senses. Energizing essential oils tend to stimulate the nerves, while calming oils are used to relieve headaches, tension, or targeted areas of muscle pain. An oil with refreshing elements will help a client relax and go back out into the world feeling restored.


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