13 May 2019


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Massage for Relaxation

Massage for Relaxation

After many years of travel, long hours sitting in airplanes and bad hotel bed after bad hotel bed, my body was a always a wreck and my stress levels were out of this world.


I turned to massage, not being much of a believer in the practice, to see if I would get any value from the experience.


My eyes were opened. I immediately turned into a believer. A massage, from the right therapist can be a life-changing event.


A massage from a properly trained massage therapist can alleviate aches and pains, relieve stress, help you to sleep better and provide for an overall increase in general health.


After I experienced my first massage, I became a regular massage client. I tried to get a massage at least once a week. This wasn’t always possible due to a busy schedule, but I would fit one in whenever I could.


This practice became the norm for me and to this day, with the extensive international traveling I do, the first thing I do when I arrive to my hotel is to begin my search for a massage therapist. I first look for mobile therapists to come to my room, but seeing as that is not possible in a lot of cities, I, alternatively, look for a good studio.


This habit has proven to be very beneficial in helping me to overcome jet lag, increase my energy levels and increase my overall attitude and positive energy.


So if you don’t already do so, start seeing a massage therapist regularly. You will thank me for the advice some day!


Randy – Angel’s Hands Massage