Therapist Profile



Inner peace, pain release !

Through a therapeutic massage, the body can experience a transformation that will help my client relax, improve body pain that prevents you from enjoying life, help my clients enable, and achieve inner peace needed for stress relief and mood enhancement. I believe that regular massage therapy is a part of healthy living.

Natalia was born in Spain and has been living in London from 4 years ago. She works as a massage therapist because she finds the relaxation on relieving pain on others. Her aspiration is to become an actress or psychologist. She is currently studying health and social care, always loves to be helping others she is a very careful and friendly person.

Natalia is always a very charismatic and lively person that will always try her best to make you feel comfortable and happy.
She also loves music and is a very relaxed person and she loves to transmit that to others.
Natalia considers her self very calms and easy-going who loves to be in peacefulness.